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Barebottom Shoes
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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    Toronto Ontario, Canada
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    Barebottom Shoes is a Canadian company founded by designer Sue Kenney. We foster a more simple barefoot approach to life thorough the first true barefoot shoe called Barebottoms. It's soul simple. We encourage others to get out of your shoes, at least some of the time, to allow your feet to do what they are meant to do. By stepping on the earth in our bare feet we become more aware of our footprint, we deepen our respect for nature and we gain a sense of being a part of the greater whole. Barebottoms help facilitate going barefoot because they not only act as a fashion accessory, they can be worn in establishments that don't allow barefoot and they offer grip when doing yoga. We are redefining footwear as we know it. Barebottoms remind us to walk on the ground barefoot to get the benefits of Earthing and natural reflexology. We need to engage the thousands of sensory nerve endings in the bottom of our feet that regulate all the major systems in your body, to help our body to heal itself. Available in suede or neoprene. Made in Canada. Neoprene shoes are made by designer Sue Kenney.

    Connect: Soul to sole.
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